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SYNCRO Inlay Sinks

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| Introducing: SYNCRO

SYNCRO inlay sinks bring together high quality stainless steel sinks with multiple surfaces including: Acrylic Solid Surface, Quartz, or Stone.

Using SYNCRO allows for the finished product to look like a steel bottomed material clad sink. Conventional stainless steel based sinks were joined to Solid Surface material with a silica bonding agent. SYNCRO’s inlay stainless steel sinks make your kitchen solution seamless and less prone to leakage.

SYNCRO Sinks are handmade and produced to the highest manufacturing standards. Made from premium 1.2mm, 304 grade stainless steel, SYNCRO offers a luxurious alternative to your standard stainless steel sinks whilst also bringing innovations to make your kitchen more hygienic and beautiful.


Works seamlessly with
Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Find out what can be achieved.

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