SYNCRO inlay sinks bring together high quality stainless steel sinks with multiple surfaces including: Acrylic Solid Surface, Quartz, or Stone.

Using SYNCRO allows for the finished product to look like a steel bottomed material clad sink. Conventional stainless steel based sinks were joined to Solid Surface material with a silica bonding agent. SYNCRO’s inlay stainless steel sinks make your kitchen solution seamless and less prone to leakage.

Product Information

  • Handmade Bowl

  • Sound Absorption Pads

  • Individually Boxed

  • Steel Thickness: 1.2mm

  • Suitable for Solid Surface

  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Minimum Cabinet Size: 600mm

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TS525 Dimensions.png

Cladded Sink

495mm x 395mm x 175mm

Uncladded Sink

527mm x 427mm x 165mm


Recommended Combinations


600mm Cabinet

Sink: TS525

SYNCRO 175+525.png

800mm Cabinet
Sink Combination

1.5 sink combination
Half Sink: TS175
Sink: TS525


*These diagrams are based on the dimensions of Cooke and Lewis Standard Cabinets in multiple sizes.
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the images are to scale, there may be a tolerance of ±3mm.
For further information, please contact the Tristone UK Office directly.